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updated 04/17/17

The ‘Brown Bag’ Program for Senior Citizens – Assisted by the US Department of Agriculture and supplies and funds from generous benefactors, 100 fixed income senior families are provided with an average of $30.00 worth of groceries at no charge, on a monthly basis.


Because eligibility for participation in the program is income related, by the end of the month, most of these families have little or no funds on hand.  Hence, the senior food is distributed the third weekend of each month to tide the family over until the next check comes.  One staff member and a core of volunteers manage this program.


For Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter special boxes are provided for each household, including additional holiday food and gift items. 


Whether picked-up or delivered, each ‘bag’ provides a means of communicating important information to the senior recipients, e.g. information about Medicare Part D services and changes, Home Works assistance and repairs, etc.

 Food Programs:                           


 Our Lady of the Valley Center presently operates three

 food programs and provides space for two other food




 The ‘Brown Bag’ Program for Senior Citizens



 The Emergency Food Closet

The Emergency Food Closet – A generous supply of food is kept on hand at the Center for families in emergency need.  This canned, boxed and frozen food is made available by the generosity of many donors and the hours of hard work by committed volunteers. 


When possible, purchases are made through the Golden Harvest Food Bank.  Qualifying guidelines are established for the use of USDA commodities.


During VOICe’s business hours, emergency food referrals are made to VOICe as they are the designated food providers for the Valley area.


However, during off hours and on weekends and holidays, emergency food bags are given by Center staff and volunteers.  Referrals are then made to VOICe for their next business day.